The Sport Of Golf On The Decline

Golf traces its sources to 15th century Scotland, but it was in America beginning in the 1890s that it came into its own. The nation is undoubtedly the largest marketplace for golf, home and classes of the world. Golf adds to America’s market about $70 billion a year. ¬†Obviously, this must be some sort of a financial hit to Billionaire, golf course mogul, and current Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

the sport of golf

And it’s now fighting to bring a fresh generation of American players. In 2013, 160 of the nation’s 14,600 golf facilities closed, the 8th straight year of internet closes. Some players have dropped to around 25m.

Why are fewer? It appears that there is three main reasons for this.

First, the relaxation and calmness of playing golf may no longer fit in with modern lifestyles. It takes more than four hours to play a complete round of 18 holes at most private courses, and up to 5 hours at a public golf course. And vanishing to the golf course for half the weekend isn’t harmonious with modern approaches to child-rearing.

While golf might have managed to shake off some of its elitist picture, the distressed market in America is once more making it a quest of the wealthy. Lower and mid -income golfers have seen their pay packets shrink, damaging membership amounts at midrange golf courses. Local governments have shut some public courses.

Third, golf has become harder to play. Since the 1990s golf course designers have taken to building longer, more demanding courses to be able to place golfers’ gear as well as they to the evaluation.

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Tiger Woods brought an unprecedented variety of novices to the sport.

In a play to revive the attractiveness of golf, more rapid, simpler variants of the sport are being devised. Foot golf, Top Golf, which includes hitting gold balls onto enormous, coloured targets in outdoor sports pubs and a hybrid of golf and football, are two experiments.

That is a long shot.